Pt01 Pantalon Slim à Pinces CPHT22ZS0MA2NK03

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  • Référence : CPHT22ZS0MA2NK03
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Pantalon slim à pinces en cotton blend Pt01 avec taille haute, passants de ceinture à la taille, poches latérales, poche arrière passepoilée, détails plissés et longueur classique. Couleur : blanc.

Pt01 is a market orientated diffusion line of Pierangelo Fassino's original brand PT, founded in 2006. Standing for Pantaloni Torino, which translates as Turin trousers. The aim was to transform the simple trouser into an object of desire. Formerly a textile merchant, Fassino focused on technical Italian production and quality materials for Pt01. Now run by Fassino's son Edward, the brand continues to go from strength to stretch. The minimal tailoring of PT01 is enjoyed by members of the British Royal Family, Prince Felipe of Spain and Barack Obama.

Pt01 Pantalon Slim à Pinces CPHT22ZS0MA2NK03

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